Tina shares her remarkable story

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Hello everyone, my name is Tina and my family runs a cattle business.  I have worked my family land for 30 years.  For 3 generations we have raised cattle, pigs, chickens, and various vegetables.  It’s our way of life and we wouldn’t have it any other way.  

Working on the farm is hard work from sunrise to sunset. There is not much downtime. I usually collect eggs first thing in the morning and cook breakfast for the family. Then I dive into my day.

Over the past 8 years, I have been dealing with arthritis in my hands and shoulders. Being on my feet and getting older just takes a toll on the body. I have tried many different medications from prescription to IBuprofen. Honestly, I just don’t like taking any medications. Taking for extended periods of time just isn’t good for anyone.

I started trying several different CBD brands and nothing really seemed to work. A good friend suggested that I should try American Pure. So I started looking at their products. I decided to try the 1250 Pure and CBD lotion.

My goal was to attack the inflammation from the outside in & the inside out. I started taking .25 of the CBD under my tongue twice a day and applying the lotion to my shoulders and low back 2-3 times a day. After 4-5 days I could tell a difference.

It was a gradual relief. I was working outside around 11 am (the time my shoulders and hands start to ache) and I didn’t have any pain. It was very comforting. Honestly, for me, it was life-changing. I was asking myself “is it just coincidence that I don’t have any pain today or is it the CBD working.

I increased my dosage to .5 of CBD under my tongue twice a day. This is where I discovered my sweet spot. I read where taking CBD is all about finding what mg dosage works for you. For me, I take .5 around 7:30 am and take a second dose around 4:30 pm. I usually use the CBD lotion at 7:30 and at night.

What I found was that after 8-10 weeks of taking American Pure, I had more energy. It’s hard to explain, but my only explanation is that without my normal pain, my body just operated differently.

Normally I go to the chiropractor once a week. Now I go once every month just for maintenance. I can only attribute this to American Pure. Finding something that works for me has truly been life-changing.

I used to just sit in my chair and watch the grandkids play. Now I am actually playing with them. Playing volleyball, basketball, climbing on the swingset, and just way more active in general.

Many of my friends that also work on their land as we do, ask me about my CBD experience. What I told them was the key is finding the right dosage that works for them. I started with a low mg and gradually increased until I found what was best for me. It’s funny how many of my friends have now tried American Pure.

For me finding something that helped manage my pain was truly life-changing. My body had just got used to the pain and daily discomfort. I was willing to try anything, thank God I found American Pure. Life without pain is more enjoyable. I am a customer for life.