John Michael and Dr. Taylor Bright discuss partnership

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Dr. Taylor Bright CEO of Colt Neck Labs sits down with John Michael Montgomery to discuss Colt Neck lab and why the partnership with American Pure is vitally important to our farmers.  

JMM: Hey Taylor thanks for taking the time to sit down and review some questions that I had and also some of our customers had.  This is my first time walking through your facility and I have to say, I learned a lot.  Watching how you take raw hemp and end up with the finished product.  Wow, this is really cool stuff.  Tell me how did you get involved with hemp

TB: We got involved in the hemp industry doing testing THC testing for farmers. Due to the regulations around hemp, it is very important for the farmer to get the highest possible CBD content in the plants while keeping the THC limit below the legal limit. We began providing a service for farmers to track these molecules in their plants so that they could make the best possible harvest decisions.

JMM: You shared with me that you got your Ph.D. from San Diego.  How was the transition to Lexington?

TB: The transition to Lexington has been great. I have gotten to work with a lot of great people in the hemp and agriculture space at the University of Kentucky and also had the opportunity to work in the hemp and CBD industry in general in one of the premier places to grow hemp in the world.

JMM: Taylor, I really didn’t fully understand everything that Colt Neck has going on.  Tell our audience how long you have been helping farmers and how exactly does Colt Neck help farmers 

TB: Colt Neck Labs has been performing analytical services (that is testing plant material for CBD and THC) since May 2018. We have helped advise farmers throughout the growing process, from seed/clone selection to planting to harvesting to going to market, from a scientific perspective to complement the agricultural perspective and experience of the men and women in the field.

JMM: Taylor with so many of our farmers not getting paid last year from the large white label processors.  How many farmers did Colt Neck fail to pay?

TB: We have always prided ourselves on supporting hemp growers and have never failed to pay or ensure payment for the farmers that we work within the hemp industry. There are a lot of bad actors in the hemp space who see it as a cash-grab and not as a sustainable addition to the agricultural community.

JMM:  Thanks for sharing Taylor.  The way I see it if you are a consumer of CBD products and you buy any other brand, you are supporting these organizations that failed to pay our great farmers.  With our mission at American Pure to bring hemp products, our farmers grow to the organizations they look to for all farm needs.  It really brings the product full circle wouldn’t you agree. 

TB:  Certainly. Getting these high-quality, American-grown products into retail partners that you all are working with that focus on building and strengthening our agricultural communities, really does create a virtuous cycle that will ultimately lead to better outcomes for all parties involved.

JMM:  I know you have heard me say this Taylor, we are solving a really big problem.  I want to thank you for your support in helping farmers, together we can take care of many families to ensure what happened last year doesn’t happen again.  

TB: Completely agree and look forward to continuing working with you and American Pure in the future to bring a focus back on the growers and the communities they support